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Drippz customs

                     Custom Paint Artist

Drippz Customs

Print on Demand

Joker sublimation
Fast as f*ck custom Tee
Sublimation Printed Design On T-shirt


Drippz Customs

Create custom gifts for you or anyone you please! Print on demand where your custom of choice can be fulfilled as discussed. Drippz customs creates gifts using a few printing options like Sublimation printing for custom T-shirts, arm sleeves, socks and much more. Also DTG for other options of custom apparel. Hydrographic film for gaming controllers with almost endless possibilities on images that can be applied to your controllers. Last but not least Hand-painted/ Airbrushed custom Footwear.

Sublimation arm sleeves
Custom PS5 controller
Drippz cartoon/drip custom sneaker
UV glow custom sneaker
Custom PS4 controller


Get in touch to learn more about our work and professional career, or to suggest a new project. Customize to your liking!

(603) 438-2223

Nashua, NH

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Huge shoutout to Drippz Customs for creating and executing my business shirts! Very happy with the professionalism, communication, timeframe and overall design and product. 

Alycia K Bathalon

My new work shirts came out pretty dope! Definitely a happy customer! Thanks a lot buddy. And everyone check out Drippz customs and his business. Always support your local businesses! Thanks for the lead Alycia K Bathal

Ryan Aloise  

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